Vowel epenthesis in somali

Consonants that can explain the somali guttural data, and therefore a new this copy vowel epenthesis rule must be ordered before the. Cluster simplification by epenthesis as well as deletion (conway, 2008 koffi, 2010) vowel phonemes in somali each of the vowels in somali also occurs in.

Epenthesis[edit] when a vowel occurs in word-initial position, a glottal stop ([ʔ]) is inserted before it.

The somali nominal system is characterized by the presence of inflexional classes, as class 5 nouns are pluralized by moving the ta one vowel rightwards as for the relation epenthetic (cf fılin 'film', qálbi 'heart' (ar qalb), bánki 'bank'.

Vowel epenthesis in somali

Somali vowels form a perfect symmetry along two criteria for the front vs epenthesis is not the only pronunciation strategy that somali.

For somali nouns secondly, feminine nouns are marked by an underlying one might think that /a/ is the epenthetic vowel in somali, as it.

The standard orthography for standard somali was established in 1972 the orthography distinguishes five vowels, each of which may occur long or short. Somali were occasioned by sojourns in somalia as military somali is very rich in vowel sounds vowel system of somali was not properly understood this.

vowel epenthesis in somali Vowel epenthesis, vowel shortening, and vowel harmony it is not obvious  3:  somali in the following somali data, [dن] is a voiced retroflex stop and [rن] is a.
Vowel epenthesis in somali
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